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Wednesday 24th of January we will open the doors and the catalog is hot from the printers, which will have to be celebrated. Doors open 5.30 pm.
Tiago Rodrigues (PT): By Heart  19.00, main stage. Tickets and more information about the performance here

Read the spring catalogue online here or as a here

We look forward to an exciting spring program with:
Tiago Rodrigues (PT): By Heart
3 days with dance: Ann-Christin Kongsness med Solveig Styve Holte (NO): About, Bente Alice Westgård (NO): Stars in a piece with no name and Ellen Söderhult (SE): How to do things with Romance: a prologue
Mette Ingvartsen (DK): 21 pornographies
Julie Solberg og Cecilie Solberg (NO): Songs of entanglement
De Utvalgte (NO): The Ship – vol.3
Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
Verk Produksjoner (NO): Manifest United
Vincent Dunoyer (BE/FR): DVD DVD (vises på KHiO)
Magnus Myhr (NO): I det fjerne, Troja
Alessandro Sciarroni (IT): JOSEPH_kids
Østfold University College / Norwegian Theatre Academy with Anders Paulin (SE)
Henriette Pedersen (NO): Almost Nothing
More shows and events coming soon.

Read the director’s introduction to this season´s program here:

This spring marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968 protests. It is an opportunity to examine the legacy of these cathartic events. Attacking authority in all its forms, they paved the way to challenge the patriarchy and make considerable progress with respect to the liberation of sexual mores and the rights of women. However by freeing women’s voices on a phenomenal scale, the recent #metoo campaign has shown that much remains to be done, that forms of oppression towards women persist, that changes are needed. But with this comes a risk of returning to conservative behaviors.

It was easier to think the world before 1968; it could be seen as binary and one could easily choose sides. Things are much more intertwined today. The world is multiple, floating, mixed, hybrid, crossed by tensions that are multidirectional and dynamic. With complexity comes opportunity. Despite this – and precisely because it is demanding to think in terms of multiplicity – there is a great risk of simplifying and polarizing when considering our relationship to the world and to identity.

In an invigorating little book “Against Roots”, the Italian philosopher Maurizio Bettini proposes to move away from a narrow conception of roots and to think of our culture as a river, reminding us that cultures are changing and traditions are crossing paths. To paraphrase Bettini, roots freeze us, attach us to a place and “verticalize” our reflection, whereas if we adopt the image of the river, we account for horizontality and movement. A river is the product of a multiplicity of sources. As Bettini points out, what is interesting about this is precisely the idea of confluence: each tributary injects its share. Bettini tells us that the pure does not exist.

By viewing both the positive heritage of 1968 and its problematic aftermath of frenzied individualism, we can think in terms of “and”; to add rather than to subtract, to work on possibilities rather than on restrictions, to think freely and critically and not in terms of conformity.

We welcome you to travel the river of which the invited artists, the theater and the public are its tributaries. Theater is the place where we take time, where complexity can unfold, where everything can be said, where we can experience the pleasure of the unknown and the beauty of the indeterminate. A space for extreme expressions, where there are no ready-made answers but urgent questions that unfold through sensitive experiences, in which each spectator, both as a viewer and a contributor, sails at will.

The spring season, and Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival, that punctuates it nearly halfway, is a cartography of personal and collective memories, myths and multiple identities, created by the powerful voices of artists.

What a joy to see you for this new season!

Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland
Artistic and General Director