As of January 2017 and for a period of two years, Black Box teater will collaborate with three associated artists: Tormod Carlsen, Hildur Kristinsdottir and Mårten Spångberg. Each in their own way, with their own mediums and at different moments of their career, they are challenging artistic practices and shaking representations. This collaboration is one of the anchor points to strengthen the place of artists in the house. It offers the possibility to re-examine the interdependencies between us as a venue and the artists, to modify the contours of the space assigned to each one and explore the possibilities of deepening the intersections between our mutual centers of interests. This companionship is an experience, with components we will invent together over time. Concretely, it is a fidelity during a given period: it means that we support and regularly present the work of these artists, that we are a conversation partner to accompany their development with a tailor-made approach according to their respective needs, that specific projects, in connection with the city and the inhabitants, are imagined in common, and that these artists are also a discussion partner for us.