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Jonathan Capdevielle (FR)


18. sep. –19. sep. 2018

Ultimafestivalen 2018

Store scene 18.09.2018 19:00

Store scene 19.09.2018 19:00

French dramatist/performance artist Jonathan Capdevielle’s show is an unconventional self-portrait. With a cappella renditions of Madonna songs at its core, Adishatz is a confessional documentary that shifts between real life and dreams. Capdevielle plays a version of himself that explores his own roots and family background, his obsessions, transgenderism and nostalgia, and how the trashiest of pop music can reveal deep emotional truths.

This uncategorisable experimental drama is a visceral, poignant and at times uncomfortable experience. Playing the part of numerous different characters, Capdevielle takes us on an intimate journey reliving traumatic and awkward incidents from his youth, conducting multi-voiced dialogues, imitating Madonna and other pop singers, dressing in drag, having a conversation with his dying sister, and chiming in with a five piece male choir. Violence and death are never far away in this twisted yet engrossing self-portrait.