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Waiting for the Sun

En hel natt på Black Box teater / A night at Black Box teater

3. nov. 2017

Waiting for the Sun is an all-night immersive experience;

a durational event that explores voices and sound landscapes through shows, radio shows, sound installations, lectures, talks and readings that activate specific states of attention and perception. Most of our season program is dedicated to the presentation of individual shows, but we also want to propose other formats. By inviting different artists to share a night with us, we challenge our experience of time through immersive and dreamlike experiences. Waiting for the Sun is an invitation to a moment and a space where time is suspended, where aesthetic experience and theoretical contents are combined, where we are available to what we hear, where minimal visual inputs generate another sense of awareness and sensitivity. We wonder what this availability will generate, how it might allow a specific space for imagination, for producing images, for being with ourselves. We will journey into the night and explore the notion of vertigo, literally and symbolically, and how this state can create existential and generative value. We think with Roger Caillois that “The forces of vertigo set in motion a sort of first scansion, a vital breathing, a double movement of loss of balance and reunion with the ground”. A journey into the beauty of the unstable.

Waiting for the Sun will include different works by performing and visual artists: Tormod Carlsen, Harald Fetveit, Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Marianne Skjeldal, Mårten Spångberg and more to be announced.

By and with: Tormod Carlsen, Harald Fetveit, Pedro Gomez-Egana, Marianne Skjeldal, Mårten Spångberg and more.