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Ingeleiv Berstad (2019–2020)

Ingeleiv Berstad is a Norwegian performer, choreographer and musician. She creates works for both the stage, non-theatrical rooms and landscapes. She is curious about the forces that shape our bodies, ideas and history, and swirls, fantasizes and reflects with and through these energies. Her practice is fearless and diverse and uses a wide range of performative and choreographic strategies – often also with sound and voice.

Ever since she attended the MA choreography at the Oslo Academy of the Arts (2010–12), she has collaborated closely with a number of artists in different constellations. The collaboration with Kristin Helgebostad extends through a dozen productions. Ida Wigdel, Eivind Seljeseth and Tormod Carlsen are also close artistic allies, among others in constellations such as Berstad / Helgebostad / Wigdel, Av Historisk Grunn (Of Historic Ground) and Norsk Landskapsteater (Norwegian Landscape Theater). In the autumn of 2018, she created the performance Somatøs Samling in collaboration with Pernille Holden. It premiered in a closed shop in Grønland in Oslo and was co-produced by Black Box teater. Ingeleiv Berstad curated the Spring 2019 edition of Pluss Pluss.

In Fall 2019, Ingeleiv Berstad, together with Kristin Ryg Helgebostad, Ida Wigdel and Lisa Lie, will premiere Nikulpmyrene 27. november.