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Mette Edvardsen (2018–2019)

As a theater, we are working on expanding our artistic program in multiple directions. We wish to facilitate different entry points in the work of the artists we present and to enrich the ways of looking/thinking. In the frame of this approach, we were wondering how to open up artistic research, while it often takes place within an academic context and does not meet a “regular” audience. This question has resonated with Mette Edvardsen, when she started her research fellowship at KHiO in 2016.

“As part of my research project at KHiO I wanted to think of my practice as a continuous whole where the work is more than the pieces that I make. This was already an interesting question to share with Black Box teater as a presenting venue supporting my work; how to engage in a dialogue about other formats and different aspects of my work, and what artistic research is and can mean for the public. From the start it was important for me that the research would not take place in isolation within the context of the school only, but also in the public context of the theatre, to think these two contexts in relation to each other. Next to my attempt to narrate my practice through my practice, both by presenting pieces and other formats of work, was a desire to share the wider context around my practice: from what could be named a reference list.” 

– Mette Edvardsen

This reference list appears as pieces, performances and conversations in the program of Black Box teater. For Fall 2019, Mette Edvardsen has proposed to invite the Basque/Spanish artist Itziar Okariz, in the frame of Waiting for the Sun on 15 November 2019.