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Mia Habib Productions

Åpne samtaler i utviklingen av prosjektet How to die / Inopiné

26. mars 2019

Foajé 26.03.2019 19:00

In developing the project How to Die /Inopiné, Mia Habib Productions, together with research curator Namik Mackic, take A Raft to the Otherworld as the starting point for their research. As part of this process, they wish to invite interdisciplinary and transnational dialogues between researchers, practitioners, artists, individuals and organizations, focussing on two important subjects of our time: cultural panic and ecological grief.

How to Die / Inopiné is a multi-faceted artistic project using the idea of the unexpected as a political and artistic tool for bringing people together. The project comprises different equal platforms: a complete dance piece, public discussions, open space for dance, lectures, a manifesto for the future and community involvement of both people and institutions. The research includes field work undertaken during residencies and open conversations in Umeå and Oslo. In March, the project will take up residence in Oslo, and the field work where the participants are invited to think collectively, will center around the question: “What kind of disorientation would I need to arrange for, in order to challenge my own (re-)production of knowledge, and produce an emancipating condition instead?”

Following its premiere at NorrlandsOperan in Umeå in 2020, the project will return to Oslo for presentation at Dansens Hus in collaboration with Black Box teater in the frame of Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival.

March 26, 19.00–22.00, Foyer
The photo is taken from a previous event at Black Box teater

Artistic team: Mia Habib (dance artist), Steinunn Ketilsdóttir (dance artist, dramaturge), Ingeborg Olerud (light designer and gardener), Jassem Hindi (sound artist, performer) Harald Beharie (dance artist), Tarek Halaby (dance artist), Asher Lev (dance artist), Anna Persson (dance artist), Nina Wollny (dance artist). Research team: Namik Mačkić (urbanist, design researcher), Hannah Helseth (sociologist, author, editor), Ashkan Sepahvand (artistic researcher, writer, editor) , Mariana Alves Silva (designer, design theoretic, carpenter) among others. Producer: Kira Senkpiel. Produced by: Mia Habib Productions. Co-producers: Norrlandsoperan, Black Box teater, Dansens Hus, BIT Teatergarasjen, Avantgarden, DansiT, Dans i Trøndelag. Supported by: Norwegian Arts Council.