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De Utvalgte

Bang Bang Club (2004)

13. feb. –15. feb. 2015

Lille Scene 13.02.2015 19:00

Lille Scene 14.02.2015 15:00

Lille Scene 14.02.2015 19:00

Lille Scene 15.02.2015 19:00

1 h.

“A funny and sad experience. With Bang Bang Club, De Utvalgte provide another amazing experience during this year’s theater festival. The show is hilarious, incredibly sad, harrowing, thought-provoking and outrageously well played … One of the best performances at this year’s theater festival “. – Anki Gerhardsen, Lofotposten.

“Bang Bang Club by De Utvalgte was one of the highlights of the festival, and a personal favorite … It’s all about the difficult space between the public and the private, the authentic and enacted, between watching and partaking, but Bang Bang Club evolves into a much more complex and strong performance than anyone could expect.”- Therese Bjørneboe, The Norwegian Shakespeare and Theatre Journal.

Bang Bang Club is a club for therapeutic experiments, a meeting place for the materialization of states of mind, where the need to see and be seen entices participants to expose themselves. Through a membership in the Bang-Bang Club you will be offered a playpen to challenge your loneliness. Here narcissism competes with compassion, lust with deception.

The Bang Bang Club was originally a group of South African photographers who exposed the Apartheid regime’s brutality. As continuous witnesses to human tragedy they were driven by the dilemma; “When will you stop reflecting reality, and instead intervene in it?”

Bang Bang Club is a performance inspired by the Swedish anthology FRYS – the successful freezing of Mr. Moro. (Ed. Roy Anderson) Documentary material is mixed with fiction, film and theater in a performance that is at the intersection between theater, performance, and visual art. The small private story is reflected in the global.

With Bang Bang Club, De Utvalgte pose the question: Is it possible to compare pain? When does the political discourse merely become a vehicle for promoting personal excellence? Is our so-called moral conscience only individualistic cheating and empty boasting?

Bang Bang Club was the surprise performance at the Black Box Theatre’s 20-year anniversary. This is how Black Box Theatre’s season program for fall 2005 described it: “Which play are we giving away? It’s a secret. All we can say is that we believe it is one of the best Norwegian-produced plays we have presented after we opened our new stage at Rodeløkka. “

Conceived and directed by Kari Holtan. Video, film and stage design: Kari Holtan and Boya Bøckman. Starring: Torbjørn Davidsen, Randi Rommetveit, Marius Kolbenstvedt Vilde Wahl and John Birger Wormdahl. Lighting design: Boya Bøckman. Sound design: John Birger Wormdahl. Music: 3 Øre. Text Consultant: Anne Holtan. Text: The Chosen, Eugène Ionesco, Flu Hartberg / Dongery. Manufacturer: Kari Holtan. Production worker: Pia Maria Roll. Supported by The Norwegian Cultural Fund for Sound and Picture. The lyrics in the show is written by the group, as well as material from Eugène Ionesco and Flu Hartberg / Dongery.