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Juan Dominguez (ES)

Between what is no longer and what is not yet

13. okt. 2017

Store scene 13.10.2017 21:00

between what is no longer and what is not yet is Juan Dominguez’ third solo

in a corpus of works that are mainly group pieces. In between what is no longer and what is not yet he engages the audience in a sort of self-portrait, a fiction around himself, sharing stories and fabulating his life with a whimsical touch. Finding poetry in the ordinary, he suspends events; whether personal, fictional or historical, it is no longer possible to say what is real and what is not. Dominguez creates an interval of time in which past is integrated into future. The piece touches on existential feelings related to the passing of time and the crossing of past, present and future in our personal memories. In between what is no longer and what is not yet is a soft moment that offers the pleasure of encountering a guy named Juan, of being together and sharing a specific situation.

Friday October 13th
19.00: Mette Edvardsen (NO): oslo
21.00: Juan Dominguez (ES): Between what is no longer and what is not yet
Only 350/200 NOK.Ticket can be purchased at

Juan Dominguez is a maker and organizer within the fields of choreography and performing arts. His work explores the relationship between different codes and advocates the complete dissolution between fiction and reality, using the former to produce the latter and vice versa. He is currently working on the construction of contexts that generate stronger and lasting relationships through continuity. He is also working on the idea of co-authorship between all the agents involved in a live aesthetic experience. During the last 15 years, he has curated various festivals and programs.


Concept and Performance: Juan Dominguez. Production Management: manyone. A production by Juan Dominguez. Supported by Tanznacht Berlin and Tanzfabrik (Berlin) / apap-advancing performing arts project – Performing Europe 2020 / EU – Creative Europe Programme. Photo: Cuqui Jerez.

Conversation with Mette Edvardsen and Juan Dominguez October 14th at 5 PM.

Mette Edvardsen and Juan Dominguez in Correspondance. Read it here