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Susanne Øglænd/Krakk Noir

Congress of Dreams

25. nov. –29. nov. 2015

Forestillingen spilles på engelsk / The performance will be played in English. 

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You think you know dreams? Come and explore a different dream landscape with Krakk Noir’s Congress of Dreams.


In this humorous and thought provoking piece of musical theater we invite the audience to join us for an evening of reflection and entertainment. From personal to collective and political, the performance opens the questions of reality and necessity to believe in dreams. The fusion between acting and musical elements takes unpredicted turns: the trembling kabuki and European classics meet slapstick, punk, pop and contemporary expressions.

The Congress participants are: a Finnish doctor, a Dutch journalist, a German financial analyst, an Italian top politician and the Conference MC, a Norwegian philosopher. In addition we will meet a junkie and a Greek.

We need courage to face the reality – the staging of this naked and new written form, a play of ideas, can be seen as a reminder of life’s magic, as well as a shake from the everyday slumber.




Musical theater group with home in Norway gets international empowerment. South African actress and singer Juliana Venter, and Greek actor and musician Petros Michalas join the Norwegian Krakk Noir’s actors Trond Høvik and Anne Kokkinn for this production. Håkon Thelin on double bass and Per Oddvar Johansen on percussions create the musical core led by the composer and saxophonist, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm. The text bears the signature of poet and playwright Øyvind Berg, while Berlin based opera director Susanne Øglænd directed the show. Scenography by Carle Lange and light design by Tilo Hahn.