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De Utvalgte

De Utvalgte (2012)

5. mars – 8. mars 2015

Store scene 05.03.2015 18:00

Store scene 06.03.2015 20:00

Store scene 07.03.2015 20:00

Store scene 08.03.2015 20:00

1 h.

“A performance that is so beautiful that it hurts” – Therese Bjørneboe, Aftenposten.

“I still have no overview of what really happened there. But when I walked out of the theater, people looked quite different. More whole. Holier. And I could still taste a bit of space in my mouth: Something larger than us, in us. “- Demian Marco Vitanza, The Norwegian Shakespeare and Theatre Journal.

“De Utvalgte bring out the universal of being human, whether one is born this way or that way. We all exist … An important message “- Idalou Larsen, Klassekampen.

In continuation of “The Art of becoming tame” and the actualization of the terms “inside” and “outside”, De Utvalgte collaborated with a group of people who are marginalized and fall outside the concept of normality.

People categorize each other by looking for signs of whether one is in the same culture or the same in-group, on the basis of inequality or proximity to the in-group. We are measured against norms of behavior, average intellectual abilities, and culturally accepted emotional expressions. If we are to believe evolutional psychologists, we have an inherited skepticism towards what we perceive as different and alien.

The Lord said to Noah, “Of every clean animal thou shalt take with you seven pairs, male and female, and of all animals that are not clean, one pair, the male and female together, of fowls likewise, seven pairs, male and female, to keep each species on earth alive ”

When something is said, it exists in the world. In the performance we use excerpts from Inger Christensen’s poem Alphabet and words examined in the terms of the contributors.

Earth in its orbit around the sun exists

Earth on its route through the Milky Way exists

With waters, land masses

earthquakes exist

You think of words like chromosomes

And the unsuccessful growth of the fruits of love

Somewhere I am suddenly born

The group received the Hedda Award for special artistic achievement in 2013.

Director: Kari Holtan. Video / Lighting design: Boya Bøckman. Starring: Rebecca Joki, Ramou Lewis, Lotte Tvedt, Katarina Fierrro Norberg, Hans Askill Utåker, Egil Berggren, Vilja Ellefsen-Larsen, Torbjørn Davidsen, Pelle Ask. Assistant: Inger Johanne Norberg. Costumes: Gjøril Bjercke Sæther. Music: Bjarne Larsen. Contains excerpts from “Alphabet” by Inger Christensen. Other text prepared by the ensemble. Supported by: Norwegian Cultural Council. Co-production: Black Box Theatre and BIT Teatergarasjen.