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Bente Alice Westgård


3. april – 5. april 2019

Store scene 03.04.2019 19:00

Store scene 04.04.2019 19:00

Store scene 05.04.2019 19:00


“Death is too big and overwhelming for me to relate to. And even life, which is the only thing I can relate to, is sometimes too intense and overwhelming. Death as the backdrop for life is a prerequisite for life-expansion. Dødsprosjektet (The Death Project) had its humble inception almost eight years ago, when I gave birth to my first child. The extreme intensity that I experienced when I gave birth was so overwhelming that I was sure I was going to die. I could not survive something so intense. But I did, and this experience evoked processes in me that have shaped both my life and my artistic practice.”

In her previous work, including the performance Stars in a piece with no name, Bente Alice Westgård has explored concepts of expression characterized by ease, space and excess. In Dødsprosjektet, Westgård makes a turn towards a tense and more compact means of expression in which she examines degrees of emotional intensity and the effect this has on the artistic team and the audience. The audience is invited to be part of the scenography, and to be immersed in the intensity of the performance. Westgårds’ methodology encompasses practices based on continuity, stamina and ways to indulge in material.

Bente Alice Westgård is a choreographer and dancer based in Oslo. She works in close collaboration with various artist constellations as project manager, choreographer and creative dancer. Westgård studied at the School of Contemporary Dance from 2006–08 and completed her Masters in Choreography at Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2017.

Stars in a piece with no name was part of her MA project presented at Black Box teater during Tre dager med dans in 2018.

Koregografi / Choreography:  Bente Alice Westgård.  Dans / Dance:  Rannei Grenne, Karen Eide Bøen, Louis Schou, Sebastian Biong, Julie Steinjord Mjøen. Lysdesign, rom / Light design, space:  Martin Myrvold. Rom, kostymer / Space, costumes: Milja Salovaara. Lyd, lyddesign / Sound, sound design: Terje Wessel Øverland. Outside eye: Janne-Camilla Lyster, Melanie Fieldseth. Støttet av / Support by: Norsk Kulturfond, Fond for lyd og bilde, FFUK. Co-produsert av / Co-produced by: Black Box teater (Oslo).