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Halory Goerger & Antoine Defoort (FR)


10. sep. –12. sep. 2014

Ibsenfestivalen 2014

Store scene 10.09.2014 19:00

Store scene 11.09.2014 19:00

“Telling a complex and intelligent story in just one hour, while leaving the audience laughing, is more than extraordinary. Do not miss it.”
De Morgen


«Germinal» features individuals who see the stage as an empty and fruitful space where everything is in the making. Within this space, efforts will be made to create a system or, in more candid terms, one might say: a world. In «Germinal», the wheel is reinvented, but in doing so, almost everything is questioned and put on trial, from the laws of physics to the foundations of social interaction. And this is done within the relatively narrow context of an empty performance stage. Antoine Defoort and Halory Goerger bring together visual and performance art, information science, humanities and social sciences in their work. In 2013 «Germinal» guested the well-known Festival d’Avignon amongst others.