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Solveig Styve Holte


4. juni – 7. juni 2015

Store scene 04.06.2015 19:00

Store scene 05.06.2015 19:00

Store scene 06.06.2015 19:00

Store scene 07.06.2015 19:00

”Lightness” is a part of Solveig Styve Holtes final exam in choreography of the Art Academy in Oslo.

Holte examines choreographic work through different conditions of production; stage, gallery and publication of text.

Lightness is the most beautiful fairytale of the spring, it is love transformed into stardust and dance. From clubbing as an experience of dance that already exists, it developes new ways of dancing together, explores what a dance is and how it can arise.  Through being together we investigate how we can distribute power and develope a collective understanding of the work from the inside. The work insists on collaboration as a way of working where the dance, costumes and light forms a greater whole, a solar system forming eachother in a new cosmic landscape. The work slices watermelon as answers to questions and is neither a shrimp nor a mussel, maybe more like an oyster. Its not special in any way, but a generic disclosure of new sites of sensitivity. It is a monument for everything we love, a handwork of weaving bodies, interested in landcspaces and endless horizons. You can experience us as you want to, lying around, holding around someone, sleeping in the hammoch or eating fruit, without any kind of participation or exposure. The moment you let yourself go you find something else to attend to.