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Øystein Johansen (NO)


24. sep. –27. sep. 2015

Utsolgt torsdag 24. september/Sold out September 24th

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“Luck” takes as a starting point a simple question: what does it mean to be lucky?

Is it the product of a long-term investment, or is it something that suddenly appears? Is it something that you can pursue, or something that overtakes you? And, why is it so addictive?

In this new performance director Øystein Johansen brings the phenomena of happiness and luck to the dissecting table. Drawing inspiration from gambling halls and churches, both places that have institutionalised the promise of happiness, he carefully dissects the physical and psychological operations and energies that are at play in the feeling and tries to analyse our contemporary aspiration for happiness and its relation to our modern disenchanted world.

Director: Øystein Johansen. Performers: Julie Solberg, Nina Fokker, Igor Vrebac. Dramaturg: Jonas Rutgeerts. Set-designer: Juul Dekker. Composer: Hans Kristen Hyrve. Photographer: Kay Øveraasen. Graphic design: Peder Bernhardt. Production manager: Thomas Vandewalle. Partners: Black Box Teater, School van Gaasbeek, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Compagnie Theater. Funded by: Norsk kulturråd,