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Pink Cloud Effect

19. nov. –22. nov. 2015

Lille Scene 19.11.2015 19:00

Lille Scene 20.11.2015 19:00

Lille Scene 21.11.2015 19:00

Lille Scene 22.11.2015 19:00

Why do we seek drama and competition if we have everything we need?

What if life was a soap opera treated like a sports event? Why are we never satisfied with our own lives, but crave for everyone else’s? What do we really want? Action? Attention? Fulfillment?

The Pink Cloud Effect is a reality check for you and the performers on stage. It is the consequence of chasing expectations. It is poisonous, draining and it will destroy your spirit. We need to accept our own fate.

Pink Cloud Effect is a theatre performance by theatre makers and performers Kjersti Aas Stenby (NO), Marit Sirgmets (EST) and Simona Bieksaite (LT).