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Tormod Carlsen (NO)

Sail Away With Me

24. aug. –26. aug. 2018


Aker Brygge, gjestehavn 24.08.2018 14:00

Aker Brygge, gjestehavn 25.08.2018 14:00

Aker Brygge, gjestehavn 26.08.2018 14:00

Sometimes you need to get away. Get away from it all. Go it alone and sail away.  

Sail Away With Me takes place on an old, oak boat that theater director Tormod Carlsen and scenographer Heidi Dalene have restored in collaboration with their associates. After 30 years on land the boat is seaworthy once again, but now as a theater boat.

This is the third and final one-person theater in the series «In The End We Are All Alone». In this series, Carlsen and Dalene make small theater experiences for one audience member at a time. The work is inspired by outmoded theatrical traditions, street fair amusements and ways of thinking about architecture. This time they explore the boat as found architecture, as well as historical theater traditions that used boats as entertainment ships and travelling theaters.

The pull of the sea and new horizons is wrapped in a mystique of freedom and escape, but also loneliness and longing for community. Life at sea is the theatrical, spatial and social context of this piece, or what Carlsen refers to as its life form. Welcome aboard to a meditation on the sea and a poetic journey into the unknown.

24.-26. august 14.00-18.00: Aker Brygge, gjestehavn.
Look for the black boat at the guest harbour at Aker Brygge.
Free entrance. No booking required. Show up at any time and register at the door.

Seeing everything as a landscape has been Carlsen’s long-standing fascination and it has become an integral part of his artistic practice.  He has sought out places and contexts marked by paradox ever since he moved to Russia to train as a circus artist after completing his upper secondary education, and subsequently at the University of Tehran and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In these contrasting and opposing settings he discovers the possibility of imagining an alternative view. The second work in his series of one-person theatre  O – The Healing Lump was part of Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2017 and Black Box teater Fall 2017 season. Tormod Carlsen is associated artist at Black Box teater.


Idé, konsept / Idea, concept: Tormod Carlsen. Utviklet sammen med / Developed with: Heidi Dalene, Sven Johanson, Melanie Fieldseth, Alf Ollet, Kristin Skiftun. Illustrasjon / Illustration: Tormod Carlsen. Co-produksjon / Co-production: Black Box teater (Oslo). Støttet av / Support by: Kulturrådet, Oslo kommune.