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Madame Nielsen (DK)

Salon Madame Nielsen

22. sep. –24. sep. 2015

Utsolgt alle dager/Sold out

Oscars gate 11 22.09.2015 20:00

Oscars gate 11 23.09.2015 20:00

Oscars gate 11 24.09.2015 20:00

Throughout September, October and November, Madame and her Salon

– including pianist and wizard of musical toys Sailor Toldam – will visit capitals and major cities all over Europe, from Stockholm to Berlin, Krakow and Athens. In each city Madame will chose a proper residence and invite the local guests to her bedroom, where they will be treated with songs, poetry and dance. In each city, Madame will invite a special guest – the most influential female being of the region – to discus the problems of gender and the state of our planet.