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Live Marianne Noven (NO)

running live

23. mars –24. mars 2015


Foajé 23.03.2015 19:00

Foajé 23.03.2015 21:15

Foajé 24.03.2015 20:30

Foajé 24.03.2015 22:30


this is a piece about being present. this is a piece about running. running my own life, running through exhaustion, running after a world that is speeding, running faster to slow down, running to be here but always moving away from the physical here. i try to understand how to be present here and now but THIS IS A COUNT DOWN and i’m running out of time. we all need to run back to ourselves, to be present here and now, be (a)live. i am (a)Live when i run, if only i could whilst not running too, if only that could happen before we hit 3, 2, 1, zero. THIS IS A COUNT DOWN.

23. mars: 19.00 (part one) og 21.15 (part two)

24. mars: 20.30 (part one) og 22.30 (part two)